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VESDA Fire Protection System

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The best fire protection starts with the earliest possible detection. There are four typical stages in a fire; incipient, growth, fully developed and decay. Air sampling detection allows you to be notified of an event as early as the incipient stage, buying you priceless time to react and preventing the fire from reaching the growth stage. Knowledge of a possible fire event in this early stage could be the difference between prevention of business interruption and complete loss of your essential data or irreplaceable commodities.

Air sampling smoke detection is simply defined in the FSSA Detection & Control for Fire Suppression Systems Application Guide, as detectors that employ an aspirator to draw air from the hazard, through a sampling pipe network, and into a detection chamber where incipient and smoke particles are detected. The concept is more active detection, drawing air or smoke particles from the protected area to the detection chamber; rather than a traditional spot type detector that is more passive, waiting for the smoke particles to make their way to the chamber.

The advantages and uses for this technology are endless. Applications for air sampling detectors include data centers, cold storage facilities, healthcare, power generation and correctional facilities, just to name a few. Industrial Fire Protection (IFP) has partnered with Xtralis to offer the design, installation, and maintenance of their industry leading Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus, or VESDA detectors. These products use a laser based light scattering principle with optical imaging that provides the widest range of sensitivity and reduces false alarms caused by dust particles. Other air aspiration detection solutions that may assist your needs involve gas detection, beam detection and lithium-ion battery monitoring systems.

Regardless of your application, the opportunity to be alerted of a possible event at the earliest stage is essential to providing the best detection for your business. Reach out to IFP and one of our technicians will be happy to discuss your needs, walk through the detection options, and get your location protected with the best air aspirating system on the market.

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