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Direct injection is the most effective fire suppression system to combat thermal runaway in lithium batteries. Direct injection works by spraying clean agent or water directly into the bad cell in the battery case. This system works by preventing the fire from spreading to other cells. 

What is Direct Injection?

What is Direct Injection?

Direct Injection Comparison

Below are two graphs showing a comparison between a system with direct injection and one without. The protected system (right) has a significant heat drop, preventing spread.

Direct Injection Advantage

Direct injection has the advantage of getting ahead of the fire. The system aims to control the first cell that tries to develop a fire. Contrary to simply protecting the room or battery system. Direct injection works directly at the thermal event. We offer two variants, clean agent or water. 

Optional Water System

System Demo

Safe Electronically 



Direct Injection System

Direct injection works by storing clean agent or water in the red discharge cylinder. When the system is activated, the fluid moves through the brass pipe network and discharges through specialized nozzles. The system detects the fire utilizing off-gas detectors. 

Off-Gas Detector

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