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The LARGEST system.

Titan 1230 is the largest clean agent system in the world. Developed by Sevo Systems Inc, we are an integrator for this system.

Based on the specifications of your hangar, our engineers design a balanced pipe network. They then calculate how many clean agent cylinders are needed. We utilize the Titan 1230 system for agent storage.

How does it work?

FK 5-1-12 is a liquid when stored, and a gas when discharged. FK 5-1-12 works by absorbing heat energy. FK 5-1-12 is NOT electrically conductive, leaves no residue and requires no cleanup. This most importantly results in No Downtime. 

What is clean agent?

How does it compare with foam?

This is the future of hangar protection.

Our Turn-Key Hangar Solution is a Foam alternative.

No Corrosion - No Cleanup - No Residue

Military -Commercial -Charter - Private


Not only hangars...

We offer protection to all areas of aviation. Whether it is a helipad, or a control room . We have the clean agent technology for it. Click on the YouTube icon below for our demo.

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