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Protecting your energy assets.

No Corrosion - No Cleanup - No Residue

ESS/BESS - Turbine Enclosures - Thermal Management - GIS Rooms - Generators

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We use direct Injection technology to take the heat energy away from the cell.

IFP's turn-key solution for Energy Storage Systems utilizes a direct-injection pipe network and an optional container protection system.

IFP tackles the thermal runaway problem using what we call "Pre-tection". That is, we are protecting battery cells before they have a chance to develop a thermal event. If we contain one cell, we can prevent it from spreading to others.

With "Pre-tection", the thermal runaway problem is no more.

Clean Engery + Clean Agent

Generator Protection

Local application allows us to protect energy assets in open spaces.

IFP uses specialized local application nozzles and extended discharge to protect turbines. This method gives us great flexibility and accounts for turbine wind down time.

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