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Electronically non-conductive fire suppression.

No Corrosion - No Cleanup - No Residue

Data Centers-Edge Computing-Crypto Mining-Micro Servers

Electronically non-conductive fire suppression.

FK 5-1-12 is a liquid when stored, and a gas when discharged. FK 5-1-12 works by absorbing heat energy. FK 5-1-12 is NOT electrically conductive, leaves no residue and requires no cleanup. This most importantly results in No Downtime. 

What is clean agent?

How does it work?

We apply our various systems to your application. We cover everything, from the server rack to full data room suppression. Our systems use a clean agent, they will not harm any electronics. Furthermore, even in the event of a fire, they will not affect operation of your electronics.  

View our system demo.

SMART Cabinet FDS is a solution we offer for rackable fire suppression.

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