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Industrial Fire Protection (IFP)

Updated: May 4, 2023

Who is IFP?

As we launch our monthly article series to keep you informed about the fire protection and life safety industry through our perspective as key players in the industry, we thought it would be important first, to tell you who we are as a company and what we believe in. While there is nothing more important than keeping our customers safe from fire - both their people and their assets – one of the ideals we hold most dear is that fire protection should be sustainable.

So, who are we? IFP is setting the standards and creating products for the fire and life safety industry and focuses on the future of energy, transportation and communication in a modern world. To that end, we are dedicated to the use of sustainable solutions to provide continual operational integrity in mission-critical facilities that cannot afford business downtime.

IFP’s History

Jon Flamm (CEO) and Richard Neimann (CTO) launched IFP in 2021 because of two driving factors. First, each spent the last 20 years (as founders of SEVO Systems) listening to end-users’ requests that they manage their fire suppression projects globally. Second, the dire need to replace Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam (AFFF) in aircraft hangars, driven by 19 states and the Department of Defense’s ban on the use of extinguishants containing PFOA/PFOS, made it clear that IFP would be an integral provider in the future of fire protection and suppression.

With these two major drivers in mind, Jon and Richard founded a turnkey “factory direct,” mission-critical fire suppression company providing the latest in design, installation and annual services to design-build contractors and end-users. IFP’s first total product solutions were developed for the aviation and ESS industries by offering a sustainable, smarter and safer approach to protecting these critical industries from devastating fires.

Jon Flamm (CEO)

Our Mission

To build a unique customer-centric fire and life safety manufacturer/contractor dedicated to providing comprehensive, smart solutions. IFP is laser-focused on delivering design, installation and maintenance services to ensure continuity of operations for the world’s most valuable, critical assets.

Our Vision

To provide innovative, sustainable fire and life safety solutions and services for the intelligent world.

What to Expect from IFP

As a company, we at IFP, are very clear on our core values. From a business perspective, we are laser-focused on meeting all

our customers’ needs. We believe that to meet customer needs and provide the most advanced and intelligent fire and life safety solutions, there is nothing more important than honesty and integrity. We pledge to our customers, colleagues and suppliers to always:

· Focus on our customers.

· Show loyalty and respect throughout our business relationships.

· Act as team players, focused on positive results.

As members of the planet who are interested in the longevity, health, and sustainability of where we live, we pledge to:

· Continually seek innovative solutions that not only keep our customers safe but also keep our planet safe for future generations.

· To maintain market leadership by always being dedicated to a forward-thinking, out-of-the-box strategy for safety and sustainability.

· To protect the future always by employing sustainable science in our technologies.

What Makes IFP Different

IFP is constantly working to create innovative solutions in the fire protection and life safety space. There are several areas of expertise that elevate IFP in our market.

FK 5-1-12 Fire Protection

Since its inception as an extinguishing agent, FK 5-1-12 has been used as a gas (total flooding) for small to medium hazards with many restrictions on room design for the system to work. Our founders developed the first systems for this total flood technology with 3M to utilize their FK 5-1-12 firefighting fluid about 20 years ago. Since then, other manufacturers have gotten into the space, but our sister company, SEVO Systems is the only manufacturer that has the technology to store FK 5-1-12 as a liquid and to provide the largest cylinder capacity greater than 1250 lbs. cutting costs and reducing footprint by more than 50% for end users.

Aviation and Battery Fire Protection and Prevention

In addition to that, IFP teamed up with the SEVO R&D team to do local application development and testing for the aviation and battery markets solving market priority problems like replacing aqueous firefighting foam for the aviation industry and thermal management for the battery industry. IFP’s proprietary technology utilizes FK 5-1-12 as a liquid so it can be used in protecting large hazards like aircraft hangars and for applications like thermal management.

If you have questions about how IFP can work with your company or facility to keep your assets safe while protecting the planet for the future, please reach out to us at for more information.

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