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Data Center Fire Suppression System

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Data centers come in all shapes and sizes, each unique in their function. Although technology allows more data to be stored in smaller spaces, our need for even more data continues to grow. For this reason, we still see requirements for sizable data centers. Larger volume data centers with multiple zones or several floors can provide a challenge when reviewing fire suppression options. Multiple areas being protected with a clean agent system can result in costly equipment as well as taking up valuable floor space.

Let’s first take a minute to review the value of clean agents used in a data center environment. Clean agents are defined in NFPA 2001 as an extinguishing agent that is electrically nonconductive and leaves no residue upon evaporation. This means you can protect your valuable assets with no concern of damage if the fire suppression system operates. No clean up means no down time, in fact, if the suppression system operates, your data center will continue running with no business interruption.

The amount of clean agent and number of cylinders required is based on the volume of a space being protected. If you have multiple areas or floors that needs protection you typically would provide clean agent and equipment for each individual space.

Industrial Fire Protection (IFP) has a solution that can reduce your equipment cost by a minimum of 50%, as well as reduce the required space consumed by the equipment. The solution is designing a system using Selector Valves. If you have four separate zones, we would calculate the amount of agent required for the largest zone. The required equipment would be installed in a central location and include a manifold with selector valves, one for each zone protected. When an alarm activates in a specific zone, the system operates, the selector valve for that zone opens, and agent will be dispersed to that zone only. We include a full reserve of cylinders which allows you to still maintain protection in the building while refilling the operated cylinders.

Multiple zones could be costly and will take up floor space that could otherwise be used for additional data racks. By using selector valves, we can reduce the equipment costs and provide you with more space to expand your business. IFP can provide a turnkey selector valve system including design, installation, and maintenance.

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Todd Stevens CFPS, SET

Operations Manager


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