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Modular Data Center Fire Suppression

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

A Modular Data Center is a portable method of deploying data center capacity, placed anywhere necessary. It can be containerized as a smaller Micro Data Center, designed for computer workloads that don't require traditional facilities. According to Valuates Reports, a market research company, the global modular data center market size is expected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.7% in the next 7 years. There is an increasing demand for rapid deployment of Modular Data Centers. Industry leaders like Microsoft, Schneider Electric, IBM, and HP are just a few of the companies offering state of the art technologies.

As these containers holding extremely important data are popping up all over the world, are the fire protection needs being considered? The proper fire suppression and detection systems play a large roll in these applications. Think of a modular data center being dropped in the middle of a desert, on the roof of a 40-story high rise, or in the middle of a forest, all having the need to be self-sufficient and not relying on infrastructure that a typical data center would see. It is important to be aware of specific fire suppression systems that can fit this market’s needs.

At Industrial Fire Protection (IFP), we recognize that fire suppression in Modular Data Centers can be challenging, but it is possible and can be an asset to protecting the stored data. We have developed a few key solutions that are essential to fire suppression in these environments. IFP can provide design, installation, and maintenance of the solutions below.

Modular fire suppression solutions:

1. Early Warning Fire Detection - State of the art early warning smoke detection allowing notification at the incipient stage of smoke density.

2. Novec 1230 Clean agent - IFP uses the most environmentally safe chemical agent on the market that is electrically nonconductive and will leave no residue on your costly equipment.

3. Compact - A pre-engineered suppression systems using the least amount of space possible, all the required equipment with a footprint of only 18” x 16”.

4. Fire Alarm/Remote Monitoring IoT - Notification of fire detection, inside the data center, outside and remotely to your team.

5. Minimal Install Requirement - Factory built, Factory programmed, allows for minimal installation helping to reduce the cost by 20%.

For more information reach out to us:

Todd Stevens CFPS, SET

Operations Manager


IFP - We design. We install. We maintain. In 50 states, in 65 countries globally.


Modular Data Center Market Statistics: 2027, Valuates Reports, March 2021,

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