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Project Management

System Maintenance

Our nationwide network of Fire Protection Specialists can manage the on-site installation and project management of your projects. From room integrity / fan testing, electrical wiring, pipe installation, detection and control programming to final system commissioning, it will all be handled properly to meet all local and NFPA codes. 

The IFP Engineering and Design team includes Fire Protection Engineers, NICET Special Hazard designers and technicians

Clean Agent Fire Suppression
   • Novec 1230 Fluid
   • Inert Gas
Foam Suppression
   • Foam/Water Sprinkler

   • Low-Expansion Foam

   • Medium-Expansion Foam High-Expansion Foam

Wet / Dry Fire Sprinklers
   • Pre-Action/Deluge Sprinklers 

• Fire Pumps and Controllers

Micro Fire Suppression

   • In-Cabinet

   • Server / Electrical/ Battery

Fire Alarm

 • Smoke Detection

 • Heat Detection

 • Flame Detection

(and you won't even notice it)


lbs. Co2.

(7,144 mt) 

Using our clean agent in ONE 10,000 sqft data center yields reduction of:

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint?

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Fire & Life Safety

SEVO Industrial Fire Protection (IFP) is leading the way for sustainable fire suppression. Because fire suppression doesn't have to damage our planet, health and assets.


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