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Energy Storage Systems: Protect Your Investment with a Fire Suppression Plan

The current boom in energy storage systems indicates an active trend away from reliance on the aging U.S. power grid and toward clean, sustainable energy alternatives. Industries from automotive to utilities are investing heavily in energy storage system technology. U.S. large-scale battery storage capacity grew by 35% in 2020 and is expected to reach over 12,000 megawatts (MW) by 2023. Small-scale battery storage has also grown to over 400 MW, with California accounting for most of this capacity.

Improved power quality and reliable delivery are among the substantial benefits that energy storage systems offer and are providing more of each day. Industries large and small need to protect their energy storage system investments and can’t afford to risk major damage or failure. Here are some of the most important stressors and fire hazards to consider:

1. Wind speed volatility affects battery system cycling and can cause repeated charging and discharging. Too much cycling activity increases heat and voltage fluctuations, causing stress on the system. SEVO Industrial Fire Protection (IFP) offers multiple thermal management solutions using various special hazard systems to reduce this hazard.

2. Nearby grid conditions can cause sporadic voltage levels and reactive power levels. Interconnection to the grid via a single in/out path can cause greater electrical disturbances and force the energy storage system to work harder and with increased frequency. IFP uses the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor systems 24/7 and detect failures immediately.

3. Low-quality or inappropriate housing can endanger the energy storage system in several ways. Solid walls, regulated temperatures, and a separate, protected and temperature-regulated enclosure for the electrical apparatus are all crucial safety factors. Additionally, adequate ventilation in the battery area will remove gases that could potentially explode.

4. Poor maintenance and lack of a testing schedule can hide dangers before it’s too late. A strict testing and maintenance plan is critical, as is having a solid fire protection system in place. IFP’s national network of fire protection specialists will inspect, service, and maintain your early detection fire suppression system to meet all local and NFPA codes.

About SEVO Industrial Fire Protection

SEVO Industrial Fire Protection is a turnkey fire protection contractor providing the latest in design, installation, and maintenance of special hazard systems nationwide. Systems include clean agents, foam, water mist, and various fire detection applications. From aviation, data centers, and municipal buildings to energy storage systems and power generation, IFP systems are trusted to protect some of the world’s most valuable critical infrastructure assets.

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